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Who We Are

My husband and I moved from New York to Chicago thirteen years ago, and a month later we discovered we were pregnant with our first child. It was an exciting time though we knew very few people in our new city.

Shortly after our son was born, we received a phone call from a local caterer. My mother-in-law had seen the caterer’s advertisement on the back of a church bulletin that she received while visiting us. She contacted the caterer after the birth of our son to see if she would prepare and deliver a couple of meals for us. The caterer was great and brought us a hot, delicious dinner on two different nights. It was a wonderful help and so appreciated while we were adjusting to life with a newborn!

In the years that followed, I was always grateful for people’s kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity in bringing or sending meals with the births of my other two children. And there have been many occasions when I have sent meals to others or would have liked to send a meal to someone but arranging it was just too difficult. I realized there was a need for a service to coordinate with restaurants and caterers to send family style meals to loved ones as a gift.

Whether for a new baby, death or illness in the family, there are so many times when you just want to offer support and a hot, fresh, delicious meal for the family is always appreciated! This is how Food for Comfort was born.

Andrea Burke, Founder of Food for Comfort