We are not taking new orders at this time. We are still redeeming gifts so if you have received a gift, please proceed with selecting your meal. Thank you.
Food for Comfort is a new meal delivery service that makes it easy to send a hot, delicious family style meal as a gift. The meals are prepared fresh and delivered hot and ready-to-eat by local restaurants and caterers in our network.
Right now, Food for Comfort is only available in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.
We are adding restaurants and expanding our coverage every day, but there are some regions in the Chicago area where we do not have coverage yet. Please check back again soon.
We are adding restaurants and expanding our coverage every day, but there are some regions where we currently only have one restaurant available. While a choice among multiple restaurants would be ideal, we can still contact the recipient and allow them to choose among the meals offered by the restaurant available. We can also allow them to choose the date and time of delivery.
Yes. You can send a personalized gift message. The gift message will be sent in the email informing the recipient of your gift.
Most of our meals include a main dish along with a salad or other side dish and/or a dessert. Please see the meal descriptions for details.
Children’s appetites vary but our suggestions are as follows. For each child aged:

0-2 year old – 0 additional servings

3-6 years old – 1/3 serving

7-9 years old – 1/2 serving

10-12 years old – 2/3 serving

13+ years old – 1 serving

Since the meals are presented family style, portions can be adjusted easily for each person.

Yes. The delivery fee is $10 on the family style meals and includes the tip. Delivery fees on the trays are: $11.95 for orders of up to $100.00, and 12% of the order for orders of $100.00+. Tips are not included on the trays.
The tip is included in the delivery fee on the family style meals. The recipient will be notified that the tip is included in the gift. The tip is not included on the trays. You may add a tip of your choice at checkout in which case the recipient will be notified that a tip has been included.
If the recipient does not have an email account, Food for Comfort can contact them by phone.
Food for Comfort will continue to email the recipient reminding them that a gift has been sent. If we do not get a response, we will contact them by phone.
They are priced the same so that the customer may purchase the meal up front and allow the recipient to select the meal of their choice after the purchase is made.
Because our meals are prepared family style the minimum order is two servings. Our meals are intended to provide support to families, not parties or larger gatherings so we set a maximum of 8 servings. We have trays available for larger gatherings.
Unlike the meals, the trays are priced individually so you cannot purchase a tray and allow the recipient to select the one they want. However, a recipient can change an order if they choose. The amount paid by the customer would be credited to the recipient and they can use it to select another tray or meal. They can also reschedule delivery if they choose. Gift cards are also available.
Absolutely! Just order the family style meal of your choice and we will have it delivered to you.
An order can be changed with enough notice (please see below), but an order cannot be cancelled for a refund.
Yes, Family style meal orders can be changed up until noon of the day of delivery.
Tray orders can be changed with 48 hours notice.
Food for Comfort understands the importance of making sure the order is perfect and we do our best to ensure just that. If there is any problem with an order, please call us at 630-403-5600 or email us at admin@foodforcomfortdelivery.com
Please visit our Contact Us page and give us the name of the restaurant you would like to see included. We will contact them and see if it’s possible for them to join our network.
We are determining which cities to expand to in the near future. If there is a specific area where you would like to see Food for Comfort available, please visit our Contact Us page and let us know!